MBA (Pharmaceutical Management)

  • 2-Years, Full Time, General Management, one-of-its-kind in India, Domain Specific COURSE. NMIMS School of Business Management has been ranked 7th All India’s Best B-Schools by Business Word 2013.  It also has been ranked 4th in Intellectual category by Business World
  • The objective of MBA Pharmaceuticals Management course is to develop students, over the period of two years, by rigorous field work and academics, for managerial positions in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Students spend 8 weeks of summer Internship with Pharmaceutical or Medical Devices Companies.
  • Every week ,one full day is devoted to field work in every trimester involving visits to Doctors, Retailers, Patients and wholesalers. Total Field work exceeds 60 hours and requires an additional 20 hours of data analysis. In addition, students are required to devote at least 60 hours per week for academics.
  • Apart from the weekly field work, each student is assigned a brand for a Marketing Project and thesis. The student is required to study the assigned brand and interview doctors and retailers.
  • Students are required to learn either Mandarin or Spanish as a foreign language, which would prove useful in operating in regional markets like China and Brazil. It is essential for students to be familiar with trends and practices in international markets. This prepares them for assignments in the international arena in their career. Hence, subjects like Multi National Management, Strategic Alliances & International Marketing are included to facilitate exposure to global issues.
  • Every trimester of the program includes a course in Communication skills of students.
    The course is predominantly based on interactive sessions involving case studies from the world’s best B- schools like Harvard, Kellogg and INSEAD, and cases from the Indian Pharma Industry, which are prepared by the core faculty. The course is heavy on library work and projects.
  • The course is reviewed & upgraded regularly in consultation with our Board of Studies, which comprises of Directors from industries.


  • Trimester 1: Economics, Finance, Marketing, Weekly Fieldwork, Pharmaceutical Management & Foreign Language
  • Trimester 2: Cost & Mgt. Accounting, Weekly Fieldwork, Consumer Behaviour, Strategic Management, Sales, Foreign Language
  • Trimester 3: Weekly Fieldwork, Brand Management, CSR in Pharma., Career Planning Workshops, Managerial Communication, Foreign Language